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A second visit to a specialist confirmed the original diagnosis - the only option available was total knee replacement. Both doctors advised that I return when I could no longer stand the pain. It was the then that I started treatments with Marina Doktorman. The treatments have reduced the pain level to such an extent that I am now able to resume normal activities pain free. If you experience any join pain I hope you allow Mrs. Doktorman the opportunity to improve your quality of life.

- Rick U.

Marina Doktorman has been treating me for a back condition called Spondylolisthesis for several months now. This condition, in addition to the back pain, causes many of my muscles to contract and stay contracted. Much of the muscle pain that I had when I started treatment with Marina has been relieved now.

Marina is very professional with her patients. She always asks about the pain that I am currently experiencing. She assumes nothing.

If you have back pain, my recommendation to you is to visit Marina Doktorman as soon as possible.

- Patrick F.

I had been taking allergy shots and daily allergy medication for over 15 years because I suffered from year round environmental allergies. Through regular acupuncture sessions administered by Marina, I've been able to completely stop my allergy shots and allergy medication. Besides my allergies, acupuncture from Marina has also successfully treated my knee injury and an arthritic pain in one finger. Thanks for improving my quality of life, Marina!

-Terry S.

I have supreme confidence in the natural healing ability of the body. While I have experienced certain health challenges, I have taken steps to better equip my body to heal itself.

After an injury to my right wrist almost two years ago, I had fears that my career as a chiropractor was in jeopardy. Continuing to perform hundreds of adjustments per week created a painfully chronic problem in my wrist. It hurt to perform every adjustment. Into an otherwise healthy lifestyle that is typical for chiropractors and their patients, I incorporated a physical therapist and Marina Doktorman's fine skills in acupuncture. Marina welcomed me with kindness and assurances as she treated my wrist and arm. Her needles have stimulated nerve pathways and healing has been consistent.

Even now, Marina continues to treat me about every two weeks and I continue to improve despite the repetitive trauma I encounter while serving my patients. I was confident that healing was inevitable and never considered drugs or surgery to buy me more time.

Marina contributed her time and expertise at a patient appreciation day in my office, for which I am still grateful. She is our neighbor, but also my best recommendation for acupuncture.

-Dr. Michael Magwood

I have been going to Marina Doktorman for almost a year now. Both the pains in my neck and back have improved and feel better after the acupuncture treatments. Marina cares about her patients and is always willing to offer advice/different treatment options for the overall well-being of her patients. She has even offered me supplements for the common cold and strengthening my immune system. Overall, I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an acupuncturist who is professional, friendly, and caring.

- Eric G.

Mrs. Doktorman is both informative and attentive to her patients. I have been going to her for about six month now and I’ve had only positive results from my acupuncture treatments. The time that I have in the office is both relaxing and personable. Whenever I ask her questions or tell her that I have certain pains/aches, she pays close attention and offers her advice and explains why she is putting the needles at a specific point. Mrs. Doktorman is both a very nice person and a great acupuncturist and healer. I look forward to my treatments, and I know that the care that I receive is performed with both my health and well-being as a priority.

- Sudhar J.

As a middle school teacher sometimes work can be stressful. I have been struggling with anxiety and sleep since last year. When I started going to Pulse Acupuncture in December 2012 till now I’ve noticed changes in my sleeping routine and my stress and anxiety level is down. I do acupuncture twice a week and Marina has been very helpful in this process guiding me to a better lifestyle of living and teaching me how to relax. I thank Marina for everything she has done because now I can sleep well and relax; the anxiety level is down. I’m not in panic mode all the time. I look forward to acupuncture and zen time because it’s amazing how it works and help people that have stress and anxiety. Again, I would like to thank Marina for educating me and sharing her holistic approach on healthy living.

- Rosa K.